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Company profile

Clive is one of the leading brands in shoe industry. Clive started its business with the name of Fine Shoes from last 50 years as a whole seller in Shahalam Market.Clive focuses on providing the best quality products for its customers.


Clive entered into retail with a futuristic goal in mind. It plans on become a leading shoe industry both in Pakistan and internationally by setting business and market trends that will be benchmarks. The product itself is a spokesperson for the brand. Clive aims on being the icon of fashion.


Clive aims to become the largest shoe hub in the industry by 2020 with remarkable retail practices that will set trends for future businesses.


Clive delivers a vast variety of footwear products to their customers. Our product range includes

  • 1. Ladies Footwear
  • 2. Gents Footwear
  • 3. Kid’s Footwear
  • 4. Ladies Jewelry
  • 5. Bags

Strategic Goals

Exceed Customer Expectations: achieve excellence in customer service by being proactive, responsive, consistent, innovative and compassionate in all we do.